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Estanislao Trejo

 (b.1984) Mexican-American artist, born in Mexico City.

He moved to California, where he met his wife and began a family life and a career in the industrial world of mechanical insulation. A craft that will take him to many places to work in oil refineries, power plants, nuclear plants, pharmaceutical plants among other sites all over the western states of US.

The skills of the trade and the passion for creating helped him develop an eye for perspective, estimating, geometry and mathematics that will be later applied in his art endeavor.

Subsequently, Estanislao moved to Denver Colorado in pursued of a better life for his family.

It was there in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in a small town “Bailey, CO.”, where he encountered new challenges and discover new mediums. He was self-taught until he attended The REAL Academy of Art Colorado based in Denver, An Atelier certified by Art renewal Center (ARC). where he studied the fundamentals of drawing, painting and sculpting using the methods of the Renaissance time under the guidance of “Living Master” Ali Ghassan.


3 Square Art gallery “CaRt23” Contemporary art in realism. June- September 2023.

Aspen Peak “GRACIE Awards” Banquet Auction – November 2023.

PAG show Parker School house “Reflections of reality” February 2024.


Your Mountain Connection – “Front Cover”   July 2021.

Your Mountain Connection – “Story of a Mountain Lion” January 2024.

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